Magical Stories vs Creepy Novels {NaNoReNo 2018}

Every year, March is a magical month where people try to make a visual novel in a span of just one month!  It has been run since 2005 and every year plenty of visual novels are posted on lemma soft forums, home to RenPy users and lovers, one of the most popular software for coding visual novels.

Since I ADORE this genre of games, I am going to look through all the entries and see what interesting project I run into. Today we have Magical Stories vs Creepy Novels, so! I got for you some cute, fantasy stories and then, some creepy ones, too!


merFirst cute, magical story is Mermaid Isle. It is a very short, yet adorable little game about a girl who meets a mermaid. Doodly art really hits a spot and takes me back to my childhood and really fits the game! Beside the story between the girl and the meramid, you have mini game involving fishing! It is very simple and short, but very fun, too! Looking forward to further developments of Mermaid Isle. Check it out and see if you can catch ALL THE FISHIES!


On the other side, it is time for our first creepy novel. Do Not Love – Violators Will Be Shot, is a game still in a very early alpha, however what I have read was truly exciting and intriguing. Just reading the descrption should interest you a lot! Right now, game is playable for 7 minutes, and has no art whatsoever. Maybe you shouldn’t run to download it, but DNL deserves to be bookmarked.


Back to the fantasy land, we play Luck and Key! This was a very curious and interesting, though short adventure. It is more like an introduction to the story, with beautiful GUI, even though first font is a little tough to read. I admired the art, that was very specific but very lovely at the same time. It’s another one to bookmark, since the story ends abruptly, but I look forward to it!


Spooks fight back with Neopraxia , a very cool somewhat futiristic story. Only somewhat, because beside the intro explaining story to us, graphics and all is more casual; or well futirstic/apocalyptic in a way. At this point in time, it is hard to tell, but the story is really interesting, and it is a good chunk of code, art and story made in just one month!


If you are interested in NaNoReNo you can check it’s official website here!

Hope you have enjoyed those short reviews – more coming soon 🙂


My first gamejam: Summer Edition finds #1

My first gamejam: Summer Edition is a game jam inviting especially people new to game making. It ran from 9th of July ’16 to 24th of July ’16. 


Vee is Calling


Vee is Calling is a very short visual novel, with a theme that seems very basic yet, the story has it’s own magic, I feel. You have a video-call date, and well… as usually, dates don’t always go the way you want them to go. This game is very, very short – just couple of minutes of play time – however, with how astonishing art here is, I can understand this. It’s a very short period of time, so it is not easy to make something that is both beautiful and long. I think this project could surely be developed in a lovely, little visual novel with deeper story, more choices and more endings. Surely worth checking it out.

Amoris Flore


Date Plants as a gameplay mechanic surely sounds rather weird and confusing, but Amoris Flore looked like another interesting visual novel, and I thought, let’s give it a shot. This one is longer, not full-game lenght, but you will get lost in it for a bit longer than with Vee… However, this one uses basic GUI, so that’s the price for the longer gameplay and longer story.

I would say… try it out. Date some plants. Have a weird evening, and appreciate the creators. Good stuff.

Out of the Box


Have you ever thought, how may a solitary box that gained conscience feel, amongst all the other boxes that just… are there? Never think of what they could become or maybe they could leave the corporated magazine of some company? Yes? Well now you have a chance!

Out of the Box is a tale of just such a box, and their quest is a quest for freedom, out of the magazine and towards… well, you should see that for yourself. An amazing humour from the creators will surely make you enjoy the adventure even more.


And that is my first pick from My First Gamejam: Summer Edition! I have not gonve through all of the games so further parts might show up later on. This is one of those shorter articles for you to enjoy! All of the games are surely worth your attention though!