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Back to Youtube?

Yes! Surprising even for me, I have started uploading on youtube once more!

But this time, it will be different kind of content.

You can expect:

  • game reviews (especially indies)
  • walkthroughs
  • collabs with other youtubers
  • sims stuff
  • overwatch

And possibly more!

If you have a game you want me to review or walkthrough, leave your suggestions in the comments!


Update 16.03.2018

Hello all!

My latest post took me a long while to finish – and writing was the shortest part of the process – so I came up with something to make sure there is enough content. I noticed couple of people enjoying my posts and I am really glad! So I want to post more often.

I will try to post twice a week – at the beginning of the week, and then at the end of it. I am not setting any schedule myself, cause… well, me and schedules just do not work well together. Some of those posts will be short… because in that short span of time, together with all the other responsibilities, I cannot make posts like Movie Game Jam one all the time. But I am working on some bigger posts, so look out for them! They shall happen soon.

This weekend though, I am going to post something short and quick, but hopefully still enjoyable. Cheers!




It’s been a long, long while since I have been here… I apologize. My goals have changed a little, but I thought this website deserves a second chance, plus I enjoyed writing on here! Just content will change slightly. It will be mostly focused on some reviews and art, and maybe more if some of my projects will work as I want them to!

So… watch this space ~

games, update, Youtube

Oh boy! I havent been here a while! I do apologize greatly for that~ I haven’t been doing many strictly creative things recently, I am afraid but I thought I will finally update you guys on what I have been focusing on for those past few weeks…


Unfortunately, it’s been mostly work – lots of my daily job, and lots of changes there. But, besides that I had a chance to focus more on my twitch, and stream some more things. Recently I am trying to stream 3 times a week or more, and a two days I made sure to keep on streaming is Friday and Saturday. Of course, life is life, but I will do my best to stream on those days.


I also have been working on some of the videos. Have a look folks~!

Hand of Fate – Stream Highlights Playlist




More things coming soon. I will try to keep this place updated again ~


Launching Patreon

Last night I launched Patreon – for my art, my games, and my streams/videos. ┬áTiers are mostly art-based for the time being, but I am planning to share plenty of assets with you folks there! I hope Patreon will not only be some kind of support for me, but will keep me busy & motivated to keep working hard on my goals!


I made my Patreon personal as that’s how I want to be with you guys : I want you to know why I draw, why I write, and why I stream. I want you to understand me.

If you would like to support me, I would be forever grateful!


Enjoy my first post, talking about my plans for this year (or well, half of it):