Twitch & Youtube

I don’t think I could describe in words just how much fun streaming or making videos bring me – and I hope you get quite similar amounts of fun from them yourself!

I would say, I somehow “specialize” in indie games. It is quite a niche, but nevertheless I don’t think there are any other games that I enjoy so much. Yes, they are shorter, sometimes simpler, and the graphic cannot be compared (complexity-wise) to what some AAA studios can do but I still prefer indie games.

There is just more passion, heart and soul in indie games.  And I love this about them.

I can’t say I don’t play AAA games. I do, and yes, I enjoy some of them – as most people do. Still, I try to do as many indie games as I can, either record or stream them, because the world needs to see them. Beside that, I sometimes do stream my art endeavours or some RenPy coding. I also upload speedarts now and again on my YouTube.

If that’s the content you enjoy, then feel free to checkout my channels ❤

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