A quick look at “Der unbekannte Krieg 1916”

So, 1 May 2017 is the start of my YT uploads – I had a few months hiatus because of the move. I decided to make quite a come back with a game called “Der unbekannte Krieg 1916”. It’s a german production, from what I gathered a students’ production and quite good at that! Details in the description~

Enjoy the spooks 🙂




Welcomes are always hard for me, especially on such places. But hello, name’s Angeh, and I hope you enjoy yourself here.

As you can see there are many different things on here – maybe even too many – but, I cannot give up on antyhing and want to showcase all that I do. That being said, the blog part will be another showcase, here to deliver laidback and relaxed posts. Game reviews or just my regular blabbering. If you want some more “serious” writing, then visit “Writing” page.

Anywho – happy to meet you all. Hopefully we will meet here regularly. There will be no schedule to posts, as unfortunately, I am not doing well when I am working on schedule.


Till next post, then!