Art Update 3.06 ’17

A few art sketches made in SAI from today’s morning stream. All are fanart for Stardew Valley.


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Don’t leave your tower, Lavender…

Last week I had a chance to play a short little game called “Lavender”. This game was made for “Pixel Horror Jam 2016.” It’s quite interesting, fresh take on the old fairytale we all know – Rapunzel.

Lavender is a puzzle game all in all, however I really enjoyed a very subtle way the game tells it’s story. Not by words, but by events and pictures, basically. It does relies on your knowledge of a story, but gives a little dark turn in the end. There were two things I really enjoyed storywise:


  • Lavender, our Rapunzel, is given voice and power. As our old fairytales go, it is a man – a Prince – that has power to change one’s fate. And yes, this changed with time, but especially in Lavender main character needs no Prince Charming. It fit well with gameplay as well, and I enjoyed that protagonist herself chose her fate.
  • While this was made for the horror jam and it does have a horror element to it, at the same time you can go through the whole game without finding it out. It was a very interesting twist, and also, it made that horrory bit even more special.


Lavender is also one of those games that look really unique. While it has gameplay mechanics from RPG Maker, still the art looks very original. It’s not like your typical RPG Maker art, which is always a nice little surprise.


All in all, Lavender is a beautiful story with a few quick puzzles. Perfect for your lazy evening, and given that it was made for a game jam – a truly magnificent job. I encourage you to check it out yourself!

Game: https://rpgmaker.net/games/9348/

Highlights from stream:

Walkthrough version (with as little spoilers as possible):


A quick look at “Der unbekannte Krieg 1916”

So, 1 May 2017 is the start of my YT uploads – I had a few months hiatus because of the move. I decided to make quite a come back with a game called “Der unbekannte Krieg 1916”. It’s a german production, from what I gathered a students’ production and quite good at that! Details in the description~

Enjoy the spooks 🙂