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A quick look at Pixel Horror Jam 2016

For January’s Indie Arcade I have wrotten about a couple of games made for Pixel Horror Jam and I thought I will compile them here. They are short for the sake of magazine, but I hope you will still enjoy them!



Lavender is a modern take on Rapunzel’s story. Most of the story is related to the old tale we all know, and so our focus should be on gameplay, and the numerous puzzles we need to complete to get through the game. If you are perceptive enough, you can find some secrets in this game. Some that make it fit for the “horror” game jam…


Animal Village

animal village

‘Animal Village, former Human Village’, this is how the little village we enter is presented to us. And that raises many questions…

The village is almost desolate, beside Miranda, the guide, Rondo the Stray (who also hates humans) and Mass the Butcher… Butcher to whom you don’t want to get too close.


Warning:the keyboard controls are not user friendly at all, but if you stick with them, you will experience a lovely, creepy adventure in Animal Village.



This is another short game, but this one mostly gave me such a retro feel! Everything here – the pixels design, the pointer, game itself it just feels super retro! As for a story, it seems a simple one, we are visiting our Uncle. Making sure he’s doing alright during those cold, winter times, making sure he’s ‘cozy’… Simple enough, right? But don’t forget the theme has word “horror” in it!



fileFile is one of the games in the jam, that took the word “horror” truly seriously. If you’re looking for a thrill, for a scare, if you want to be terrified… that game is a perfect choice. The way it is made, it keeps you in suspense, as more and more frightening facts get’s revealed… and all you can do is to keep playing, expecting more jumpscares and wondering where does the story leads?

What is the ending? What is the point of it all?

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AliceMare review

Game is availble on Steam:

Alice in Wonderland… a tale we all know – a tale that’s been often a motive in many different forms of entertainment and never gets too old or too boring. It’s just filled with mysterious, magical themes that we all love. Escaping into a world that could never exist in reality is what makes books, movies, games and other media so enticing.


This time you will experience a little more creepy take on that tale – and to be fair, I think AliceMare has lots of its own story to tell and the old fairytale was more inspiration than a solid theme. You will still see a cat, and a rabbit, and you will still travel to world possible only in your imagination… or rather, your nightmares. Yet the reasoning behind it, and what background every character has- that’s a completely new story.


We play as Allen, a boy that has lost his memories, and we are given no explanation to where we are or what happened at all. Thanks to that, I would say we really feel like a child with lost memories – multitude of questions and no answers together with feeling completely lost. And so, we talk with others, and we try to discover the truth, but we fall in that rabbit hole in the end…


AliceMare is a game similar to RPG Maker games but this one is made in WOLF RPG editor. It offers you what you can expect from rpg maker creation – pixel art, puzzles, and simplicity of gameplay. It has different endings, and it has a few little secrets worthy looking for. Puzzles at times might be a little challenging, but it’s not overwhelming. And there is a walkthrough available online if you get stuck!


After the praises, I need to say what I dislike in the game as well. Story was able to confuse me now and again – but I believe it was translated so it might be a fault of translation, not game itself. Beside that, the ending of the game felt a little rushed – I felt like suddenly, out of nowhere, my questions were being answered instead of answers being slowly shown through the gameplay.


It’s not a long game at all, probably won’t take much more than couple of hours – even if you try to get all endings and all achievements. But it is a nice story, a little bit creepy now and again, with a story that may make you shiver. It surely is a nice way to revisit Alice in Wonderland and other fairy tales from your childhood, and look at them a little bit… differently. Maybe more through the eyes of adults we have become…?

written for Indie Arcade, January 2018


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Sugawara Chronicle DEMO (quick review)

Images taken from lemma forum page of the game, linked below. All rights to original artist(s).

Check it out here!

So I decided to jump into Lemma section for demos/beta test, and stumbled upon Sugawara Chronicles. It looked like a nice story, with a well-done graphics, it seemed very japan-esque as I call it and I decided to check it out.

Sugawara Chronicle puts us in shoes of Hiroya – just as he is thrown out of his house. You do not get much information what is happening, rather than just that Hiroya is forced to spend night outside, and yet, despite it all, decides to go to school next day. He’s running late and as he runs towards the school he bumps into Kaori, president of student council.

Kaori is dedicated to her duties, and introduces herself to Hiroya, she even wants to chat for a while, but I decided we shouldn’t get too late so I chose to just excuse her and get to class. In class we meet one of Hiroya’s friends – Akari Miyazaki. She seems like a childhood friend of our protragonist (and we totally don’t try to take over the fruit pieces she put into adorable shape – not at all!).


As we go through the game we meet more and more characters, and learn facts that sounds a bit… overkill but not fully impossible. At the same time, apparently Akari really wants to spend more time with us, so maybe we should focus on that…?

Sugawara Chronicle is an interesting game; when you look at the stats, we’re looking at long three routes, with high quality art, high quality music, possible voice acting… It offers you a lot, besides interesting story and concept that I never really seen before. I can’t say what because I will spoil the demo, and I want you to look it up instead of reading my description of it!







It’s been a long, long while since I have been here… I apologize. My goals have changed a little, but I thought this website deserves a second chance, plus I enjoyed writing on here! Just content will change slightly. It will be mostly focused on some reviews and art, and maybe more if some of my projects will work as I want them to!

So… watch this space ~

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Look into HR life…?

Hey boys and girls!

One of the newest series on my channel is LP of Human Resource Machine – a lovely indie game, that makes fun of office life and also can teach you some basics of programming! Human Resource Machine is a simple kind of game, but it has it’s own charm. It is a very chill, calming puzzle-like game, perfect for autumn or winter evenings ~




You can also expect some spooks this Saturday!