It’s been a long, long while since I have been here… I apologize. My goals have changed a little, but I thought this website deserves a second chance, plus I enjoyed writing on here! Just content will change slightly. It will be mostly focused on some reviews and art, and maybe more if some of my projects will work as I want them to!

So… watch this space ~

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Oh boy! I havent been here a while! I do apologize greatly for that~ I haven’t been doing many strictly creative things recently, I am afraid but I thought I will finally update you guys on what I have been focusing on for those past few weeks…


Unfortunately, it’s been mostly work – lots of my daily job, and lots of changes there. But, besides that I had a chance to focus more on my twitch, and stream some more things. Recently I am trying to stream 3 times a week or more, and a two days I made sure to keep on streaming is Friday and Saturday. Of course, life is life, but I will do my best to stream on those days.


I also have been working on some of the videos. Have a look folks~!

Hand of Fate – Stream Highlights Playlist




More things coming soon. I will try to keep this place updated again ~


Launching Patreon

Last night I launched Patreon – for my art, my games, and my streams/videos. ┬áTiers are mostly art-based for the time being, but I am planning to share plenty of assets with you folks there! I hope Patreon will not only be some kind of support for me, but will keep me busy & motivated to keep working hard on my goals!


I made my Patreon personal as that’s how I want to be with you guys : I want you to know why I draw, why I write, and why I stream. I want you to understand me.

If you would like to support me, I would be forever grateful!


Enjoy my first post, talking about my plans for this year (or well, half of it):