I think I have always loved reading. It was a way of escape, and at the same time, I could go to the worlds that were not real, and for a second imagine that the things I read about could be real. It’s magical, much more magical than movies, at least for me. I often stopped reading and just imagined what else could have happened – an alternative end to the story I was reading. Or was trying to guess what kind of ending the story had…

It’s no surprise that at some point I wanted to create my own worlds, my own characters and stories. And so I did – from early middle school up to now I’ve been writing something. Nowadays I know better what that “something” is.

I focus on novel pieces, really, and that’s what I enjoy the most. I know it’s not best suit for freelance work, but I just follow what I am passionate about. Anyway, if you need somebody to write you a story, then I am the person you can go to.

While here on the blog there will be some more laidback posts & game reviews, you can visit my writing blog for more specific writing pieces. I’ll do my best to update it regularly, but of course, can’t update it everyday. Writing takes time, and also it takes it toll on me, as while I write I do re-live events I describe, at least in some form. Putting myself in my characters’ place let’s keep the story relatively realistic in logical, when it comes to people’s reactions and emotions (or their lack of).